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hering’s colour wheel

Hering’s colour wheel, is used and acknowledged across the world as the best colour combination system. Hering’s colour wheel includes a fourth primary colour, yellow, in addition to the three which the human eye identifies as independent colours, namely red, blue and green. Hering also classifies white and black as basic primary colours. He describes his colour wheel as one translating the colours which are naturally perceived by the human eye. Indeed, this is the colour system which had been endorsed as the basis for the NCS system (Natural Colour System). The NCS system is today the international benchmarking system as regards colour combination.

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harmonious colours

When two primary colours—either red, blue, green or yellow—are mixed, they produce the secondary colours, i.e. violet, blue-green, orange and lime green. Just go round Hering’s colour wheel and you will notice that adjacent colours are naturally in harmony.

optical effects

Enlarge: Colours can, by sheer optical effect, apparently enlarge the volume of a room. Enlarging colours are generally pale and cold colours. One can also paint two facing wall panels in a pale colour and the other two in a darker colour. Light up: If you want to bring in more light into a room, paint the ceiling in white or ivory and paint the walls with pale colours. Warm up: To set a cosy mood, paint the ceiling in a warmer colour than that used for the walls. Cover up: To cover up surface imperfections, particularly those of the ceiling, you should choose matt finishing.

complementary colours

On Hering’s colour wheel, colours that are to be found opposite one another are not in harmony. Still, one vibrates with the other. These opposites are the complementary colours—they enhance one another. Making use of complementary colours creates visual dynamism.

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