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Emae is a small island off Fiji and Salomon islands. It is renowned for its pearl culture. At that far [+]

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Emae is a small island off Fiji and Salomon islands. It is renowned for its pearl culture. At that far end of the world, at the end of your voyage, the most precious pearls of the Pacific Ocean await—pink or silvery, mother of pearl white. You can catch their fleeting satin sheen beneath the crystal-clear waters. This is the very spirit of Natura’s Emae. Its subtle refinement and delicate brilliance evokes Emae’s treasured gems. This acrylic paint brings to any surface a unique and spectacular glow through its iridescent pigments. These play with light, now absorbing it and then reflecting or diffusing it for a multidimensional effect. Let inspiration flow freely with Emae—conjure up a refined interior or dress some of your walls with its touch of distinction. You can also try it out on pieces of furniture and turn these into unique collector’s items.

Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean and dry before painting. Note that sleek, porous or absorbent surfaces must first be fixed with Mauvilith Sealer; and normally absorbent with a first coat of white Primacryl diluted with 10% of water. Rough or irregular surfaces should first be dressed with a filler coating such as Inafil. Allow drying and sand to obtain a level surface. Dust carefully and then fix with Mauvilith Sealer before applying Primacryl. Furniture, woodwork, particle board, must be prepared using Wood Primer then sanded and dusted before the application of Primacryl.

After the application of Primacryl, apply a first coat of Emae with a long-bristle roller or a brush. Make sure the first coat is uniformly applied. Allow to dry. For the second coat, a whole choice of end results can be obtained depending on the application equipment and movement you choose to apply. For example, you can sweep with a broom brush; stamp with a thick rounded brush or even use a toothbrush, among others. Criss-cross: apply the first coat of Emae with a brush in a chosen direction then cross the second coat over it. Note that every stroke of your brush will remain visible once the paint would have set. Pull: apply the 2 first coats of Emae in the same way. While the paint is still wet, take a wide brush and pull it from top to bottom. Sponge: apply the second coat of Emae with a sponge lightly dipped in the paint. Other: allow your imagination and inspiration to run free and bring your personal touch to Emae. First experiment on small surfaces and wait for these to dry as the final result only becomes visible after complete drying. However, once you have settled for one method, it is essential to stick to it for the whole surface.


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