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Whatever your wish for the decor of your living spaces, be it warm and welcoming, daring, trendy or sober—our colours are at your command.

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However, choosing colours is not enough to ascertain an aesthetic result. You should also take into account how best they mix and match, which ones contrast or complement one another effectively. The right colour combination is as important as the right colour choice. There are several ways of going about colour combination. For example, from your main colour, you can derive an assortment of gradients that will ensure an elegant overall harmony. You can also go for complementary colours which will enhance one another or else, have your pick of visually stimulating contrasting colours. When you plan your colour combination, be daring! You can play with gradients of different colours. For example, choose 3 colours. For the first colour, select a light gradient; for the second go for a mid-tone and for the third choose a stronger gradient. This will altogether create balance and also structure volume effectively and beautifully.

dominant colour

The dominant colour sets the mood of the room and is that one which will make up 50% of the overall space, ideally.

accent colours

Accent colours are best left to accessories as they bring in visual diversity and focal points: flower pots, cushions, wall pictures, to name just a few. They are streaks of either contrasting colours or echoes of the dominant colour. The best is to compose about 25% of overall space from these colours.

enhancing colour

This can be on a wall panel, in the colour of the curtains or even on the floor and is chosen from the same nuance as the dominant colour to enhance it. It should occupy 25% of the overall space.

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