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Navajo brings in the time-honoured artistry of Navajo sand paintings to your interior decor and is reminiscent of the amazing and unique landscape of this American Indian reserve.

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Navajo is located in New Mexico. It is the largest American Indian reserve of the United States. The landscape there, surrounded by splendid lakes, is amazing and just unique. Navajo country holds a wealth of cultures and traditions. In Navajo culture, artistic activity is closely linked with spirituality. The artistic expression of spirituality is believed to have therapeutic virtues. It is visually expressed for example through the geometrical patterns and bright colours of Navajo woven textile covers, in their ephemeral sand paintings. Higher artistry is what Natura’s Navajo communicates. It spreads thousands of matt yet brightly coloured minute marbles across the wall, bringing in the time-honoured artistry of Navajo sand paintings to your interior decor.

Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean and dry before painting. Furniture, woodwork, particle board, must be prepared using Wood Primer. Sand and dust. Apply a first coat of tinted Granoprimer which has been diluted with 10% of water.

After the application of the Granoprimer, apply a first coat of Navajo with a long-bristle roller, spreading out the paint in uniform and regular strokes. Do not exert too much pressure on the roller—use a soft gliding movement. Allow to dry before applying the second coat in a criss-cross movement. Ensure the first coat is perfectly coated by the second one. Proceed with one panel at a time and try not to stop in the middle of a panel to resume later on. Note that the textured effect will become fully visible only 24 hours at least further to the application of the second coat. If you are seeking an even denser texture, allow the second coat to be fully dry and only then apply the third, proceeding in the same way.

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