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Sahel is an absolutely fascinating textured coating. It speaks of the whistling and whispering winds blowing across the sea of [+]

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Sahel is an absolutely fascinating textured coating. It speaks of the whistling and whispering winds blowing across the sea of sands of the Sahel desert. When Sahel blows across your walls, working its magic, everyone gets blown away. Sahel triggers the immemorial attraction exerted by nomadic life. The sun at its zenith there where Arabia and Africa come to meet point; Tuaregs traveling across ages over dunes and moons, relentlessly walking on with nothing but the desert horizon in view. Natura’s Sahel is that yellow windswept landscape, infinitely mobile yet seemingly immutable. Sahel’s softly brushed and sensual texture feels like the fine desert sand unhurriedly flowing through the hand. With Sahel the timeless ethnic spirit of the nomadic peoples of the desert enters your home through its walls to call out to your imagination.

Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean and dry before painting. Note that sleek, porous or absorbent surfaces must first be fixed with Mauvilith Sealer; and normally absorbent with a coating of tinted Primacryl diluted, for the first coat, with 10%. Rough or irregular surfaces should first be dressed with a filler coating such as Inafil. Allow drying and sand to obtain a level surface. Dust carefully and then fix with Mauvilith Sealer. Apply a coat of tinted Primacryl which has been diluted with 10% water. Furniture, woodwork, particle board, must be prepared using Wood Primer then sanded and dusted before the application of Primacryl.

After the application of Primacryl, apply the first coat of Sahel with a brush. Allow to dry, Make sure the first coat is uniformly applied. Allow to dry. Apply the second coat with a large brush. Various effects may be obtained by varying the application method. The simplest way to obtain a spectacular effect is by applying the first and second coats in inversed diagonals. Both coats may also be applied vertically or horizontally or else the second coat may be applied at random in a criss-cross manner. An application might take between 30 to 60 minutes for best results. It is highly recommended to test the application method beforehand and once the method has been chosen, it is compulsory to stick to it for the whole surface to ensure best results.

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