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Bedroom 3

Whether it is to paint a new room or for your renovation works, very often it is hard to project yourself and visualize what this or that colour will look like… And it’s even more frustrating when you end up saying: “Oops… this colour looks too light or too dark … ” when you’ve already painted the room!

With e-decorator, there won’t be any hesitation or regrets! This is an online tool designed to help you test and visualize the different colours and possible combinations to match your taste, without the need for a brush!

Just give it a try!

  1. Choose a room
  2. Select the part of the wall you wish to paint
  3. Click on the colour of your choice
  4. Get a summary of all your chosen colours for future inspirations


Please click on a surface to start painting

yellows & ochres
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oranges & peaches
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reds & pinks
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violets & purples
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blues & aquas
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greens & turquoises
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browns & terracottas
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greys & taupe
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Choose a deck above to view its colour cards.


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