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corporate governance

Mauvilac Industries Limited, a private limited company in Mauritius since 1964, strictly follows the principles of the National Code of Corporate Governance. The company is a Public Interest Entity as defined by the Financial Reporting Act 2004.

Good governance is fundamental to Mauvilac’s growth and our Board of Directors are committed to ensuring that its policies and practices in all areas comply with the relevant legal and regulatory provisions and with the new Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius (2016).

We inculcate a culture of economic, social and environmental responsibility in each operation. In order to meet our vision, strategy and values, the executive comity consisting of 6 members have several roles and the list below provides an overview of how they operate.

  1. Providing entrepreneurial leadership to the Company within a framework of prudent and effective risk management.
  2. Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of strategies, policies, management performance criteria and business plans.
  3. Ensuring that the necessary financial and human resources are in place for the Company to meet its objectives.
  4. Keeping proper accounting records, ensure that a true and fair set of financial statements is prepared.
  5. Ensuring that proper internal and accounting controls are in place and that the different accounting policies and procedures are closely monitored and reviewed as and when appropriate.
  6. Ensuring that criteria in Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) are properly implemented to promote a sustainable and ethical impact in all our operations and investments.

Communication is crucial for the smooth running of a company and the Board of Directors organise monthly meetings to oversee the business affairs of the Company, to review and improve the financial objectives and to set and develop visions and strategies. Mauvilac affirms that corporate governance enhances the company’s ability to create long-term sustainable value for its investors, clients and other stakeholders.

Towards a better, cleaner and greener Mauritius

The past decade has witnessed a growing awareness toward adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. Mauvilac values this movement because we believe that environmental sustainability is key to revitalising economies.

For us, paint manufacturing and sustainability can be coterminous with each other. Abiding by ISO 45001. We have enforced strict security measures to curb any risks of accidents on site.

In accordance to Mauvilac’s wastewater management strategy, we treat our wastewater with great accuracy. We analyse our operations’ water footprint to ensure we are not polluting the environment.

With our air extractor, we closely monitor the primary air pollutant emanating from our manufacturing site.

The company also strives to minimise its wastes. We are currently replacing polythene plastic bags with reusable beanbags. In terms of paint products, almost 88% of our paints are water-based. In addition, in all our departments, we sort and recycle our plastic and paper wastes.

Mauvilac has other green projects in the pipeline. We invest in research to constantly develop new eco friendly ways of doing business as we are strongly determined to protect the planet for future generations.

corporate social responsibility

Caring For The Local Community

At Mauvilac, we share a deep concern to make our Mauritian society a better place to live in. CSR activities form an integral part in our corporate philosophy, as it is our way to help build a stronger community and work towards sustainability, social inclusion and equality.

Adding Colours To Your Dreams

Mauvilac has been working in close collaboration with NGOs, which have the aims to alleviate poverty, promote social justice and solidarity in Mauritius, and help the underprivileged gain access to education and health care.

By funding these NGO, Mauvilac participates in empowering the marginalised and the deprived people with tools which will allow them to lead a rewarding life with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Healing With Colours: Children’s Cancer Ward of Victoria Hospital

Artists and interior designers have long believed that color can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions. As Pablo Picasso says “Colors follow the changes of emotions.” In this view, Mauvilac has decided to use colours and visual art as a chromotherapy in the Children’s Cancer Ward at Victoria Hospital.

Mauvilac had the objective to transform the cold and austere atmosphere of the hospital into a happy, distracting and engaging space for the young patients. Our team has painted the walls in warm colours with quirky and playful characters to promote positive and healing effects. Colouring pages and markers have also been made available to them to enhance the process of colour therapy.

We share a deep concern for the health and wellbeing of our Mauritian children, and we hope that this initiative will cheer them up and reanimate their desire to live.

code of ethics

Anchored on its core value of Integrity, Expertise, People and Passion, Enthusiasm and Innovation. Mauvilac believes that to continue building strong relationships with its customers, stakeholders, employees and the local community, it is fundamental that our activities meet the highest standards of business ethics.

First and foremost, Mauvilac strongly supports cultural diversity in a workplace where all employees have equal rights and are treated fairly regardless of their race, gender, religious affiliations, sexual orientation or any forms of handicap.

In a similar vein, the conduct of every employee has a significant impact to maintain the success and good reputation of the company. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which figures in our employees handbook, spells out the standards that we expect from our people and that we commit to when doing business with our clients.

Our Codes of Ethics reflect our company’s corporate philosophy and the respect we have towards our employees, the environment and the community and this clearly demonstrates how these values are deeply entrenched into shaping a better Mauritian community.

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