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Rochester takes its inspiration from the basalt pillars that make up the rugged coastline of the island of Staffa, off the coast of Scotland.

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Rochester takes its inspiration from the basalt pillars found along the rugged coastline of the small island of Staffa. These have been cast ages back by the volcanic eruptions which gave birth to the island off the coast of Scotland in the Atlantic Ocean. In the Scots language, Staffa means “the island of pillars”. The island is also known by the name of “melodious grotto”, owing to the fact that the basalt pillars of the cliffs, plunging beneath the sea, have been sculpted over thousands of years into caves ‚Äòplaying music‚Äô in tune with the rhythm of the sea. Rochester is a lightly textured acrylic paint producing the aspect of sandblasted rock. Its physical and visual texture makes it ideal to cover up minute cracks and surface irregularities. Rochester can be applied inside to enhance particular surfaces. It brings in that unique alliance between strength and smoothness which is typical of basaltic rocks enduringly eroded by the

Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean and dry before painting. Note that sleek, porous or absorbent surfaces must first be fixed with Mauvilith Sealer; and normally absorbent with a coating of tinted Granoprimer diluted, for the first coat, with 10%. Furniture, woodwork, particle board, must be prepared using Wood Primer then sanded and dusted.


After the application of Granoprimer, apply a first coat of Rochester with a long-bristle (10-12mm) roller, spreading out the paint in uniformly and regularly textured strokes. Do not exert too much pressure on the roller—use a soft gliding movement to avoid irregular thickness. Allow to dry before applying the second coat using a brush this time and with a criss-cross movement. Work on small surfaces at time. Ensure the first coat is perfectly coated all over the surface by the second one. If you are seeking a mix of lighter and thicker texture, apply a third coat here and there. Note that the second coat should still be slightly wet when you apply the third coat, proceeding in the same way. The textured effect will be fully visible only 24 hours


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